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  • MDG Travel Israel was established in 2009 by Judy Bresnikov who with over a decade of experiences as a licensed Ministry of Tourism guide and master's degrees in early Christianity and history.

  • From its inception MDG TRAVEL ISRAEL has held the belief that a pilgrimage to the Holy Land should be a life experience, and as such each tour is tailor made to suite the unique requirements of each group so as to afford each individual the opportunity to strengthen their belief, through both greater understanding of the events and sights of the Holy Land and through a physical connection with the land.

  • MDG Travel utilizes the services of hand-picked licensed tour guides who have met the high standards of biblical knowledge and interpersonal skills set by the company.

  • MDG Travel operates direct marketing teams in Colombia, Curacao, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Peru, The Philippines and Hong Kong. These teams market directly to churches and other groups.

  • MDG Travel is able to offer through its preferential relationships with Israel's leading hotel chains, extremely competitive rates for both small and large groups.

  • MDG Travel prides itself on the exemplary standards of service it offers to the travel agent, the group organizers and the group.

  • MDG Travel is unique in offering pre-travel seminars and lectures to groups and organizations that offer the participants an in-depth understanding of the geography and history of early Christianity. These seminars and lectures have been key to increasing the numbers of those wishing to join groups and of creating a deeper and clearer understanding of the Holy Land and the Bible for those undertaking pilgrimage.

  • MDG Travel also offers tailor made tours of Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, offering a special biblical and religious extensions such as:


1- the 7 churches of apocalypse

2- The route of St. Paul

3- Turkey and the early Byzantine Empire- the formation of Christianity

4- The charms of the ancient world


1- The Exodos and Moses

2- The magic of the Nile River- a cruise through the history of the great Egyptian monuments


1- On the edge of the promised land of Israel

2- The charms of the Nabatean culture and the crusades

  •  To compliment the experience of Travel, MDG operates other destination such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Poland, Chequia China and the Philippines

  • MDG Travel maintains a strict policy of quality control and undertakes regular checks of hotels, restaurants, transport providers and retail outlets to ensure quality of service, value and safety.

Modern Jerusalem
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